3 most common ways to get a free VIN check before purchasing a used car

Many people don’t have enough money to buy a new car, but they can buy a used car that is in better condition. But before buying a used car, you need to know every detail about it because maybe it is a stolen car, or in bad condition. In this situation, you have to invest more money in this used car. To avoid this problem, you need to know everything from yourself. Many people don’t know how they can check the car’s detail; then, the answer is a free VIN check. This is the best option to know the real situation of the car. By doing this, you know, you should invest in this car or not. In this article, you will read the top 3 ways to run a VIN check. So let’s start.

Here’s where you get a VIN check for free

Apart from VIN, you can go for the ride to know the condition of the car, but you can’t recognize this car was damaged by flood or stolen. A free VIN check is essential to see the vehicle is stolen or damaged.


The NICB (national insurance crime bureau) keeps this process very simple because they offer a VIN check search tool that you can find on its site. They will show you some details like reported as stolen or lost, it declared the total loss following an accident, and salvaged. This is the best and basic way of the fully free VIN check that you can easily do. You can only search a maximum of 5 NIV within 24 hours per IP address through this site.


For searching many VIN results in 24 hours, the vehiclehistory is one of the best tools that are free. It will offer many details of the car, including the cost to own, fuel efficiency, and price analysis. Apart from that, you will also get some information such as current recall information, selling history, list of manufacturer warranties.


iseecar is another free VIN check tool that provides car history free. You can access some details through this tool like price history, the best and right time to buy and sell, price analysis, etc.

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