Automobiles: Secrets to make us safer drivers


Traveling by road is an adventure. It offers the traveler the options of regulating the pace and mode of travel to make sure that the journey becomes enjoyable and memorable. However, for any journey to be memorable, it is absolutely essential that it is safe without any mishap. And if you happen to be the driver for your road trip, taking a few precautions, heeding to a few tips and reading the next 400 words may prove to be the difference between life and death!

Physical preparedness

Before you begin your ‘derivation’, ensure that you are not hungry or too full; sleepy or lethargic. Sleep well and eat something nutritious before the journey. Avoid caffeinated stuff which seem to give you a boost of energy but will fatigue you during the long drive. Combat exhaustion by taking breaks every couple of hours to walk or stretch your legs. Also, never attempt to drive without the proper license or papers. You will be far from home to ‘drive back’ and fetch them.

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Mental alertness

Sometimes, one feels sleepy while driving more out of monotony rather than fatigue. Having a partner who will keep company and also share in the driving would be an excellent idea for long drives. It is best to avoid attempting 9-10 hour drives all alone. If you have no choice but to do that, put on some lively music. Focus on driving – on the road and the mirrors and make sure you are well-versed with the traffic rules and road regulations of that region.

Eliminate distractions

It is possible that your vehicle features an audio-visual device running movies or entertainment. Do not get pulled into it. Even a distraction as tiny as cutting a cellphone call could lead to a fatal disaster. It would be advisable to have a hands-free device for calls that have to be taken.

Road knowledge

A wrong turn is a costly mistake! Study the route and roads that you have to take beforehand. Carry maps with you in case you are unsure or have a GPS system with maps installed in the vehicle. Going a step further, you could also remain updated about the status of the traffic and roads in different towns and cities.

Travel intelligently

Imbibe the motto to start early, drive slowly and reach safely. Never try to go very fast. It is dangerous and expensive too. Check out the speed at which your vehicle provides optimum mileage and stick to those limits. Be updated about the weather conditions and take necessary precautions. If you are halting on the road, ensure that you drive off the road, to the side to avoid any accidents.


Road safety should be of paramount importance. All the above tips and precautions have been based on the assumption that you are driving your own Used BMW. If you are renting one, ensure that you know all the controls, safety mechanisms and the locations of all things before driving out!

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