Driving Days

Make adrenaline pump by offering a corporate hospitality day that your friends, colleagues, business partners and clients will remember for a long time and for the best of reasons.

Corporate hospitality and events companies like DTB in London offer numerous driving day options so you won’t be restricted in choices.

You can opt for an event that appeals to your team and that will subtly allow team building and goal focusing skills within a fun experience or you can make the driving a sports hospitality event which appeals to a business acquaintance.

Maybe they like racing on their weekends, well, they’re hardly going to shy away from the excellent experiences offered by corporate events companies with established and well respected partners.


Here are a few examples of driving day experiences that you can book easily:

  • Goodwood Circuit

  • Silverstone in an Audi RS4

  • Porsche and Ferrari Driving Days

  • Single Seat Track Cars

  • Off Road Experiences

How invigorating would it be driving around Goodwood? Follow in the wheel tracks of legends as you take on the mighty Goodwood circuit.

Allow your team to experience first-hand what it feels like to embrace speed, engineering excellence and a track that is the stuff of legends. Should the experience be for a retiring business partner, how wonderful will they feel if they conquer the course?

The driving day is tailored for all abilities so the less confident will still feel capable and exhilarated which is always better than petrified.

Do you or someone you know fancy taking a spin in a new to Silverstone Audi RS4? It’s a quick mover but commendable. No, actually it’s beyond belief!

The one and only Jeremy Clarkson has called it “Quite simply, brilliant.” A short and sweet review of a car that will deliver a driving day that is unforgettable and, if you wish, repeatable.

For engineering excellence, you need look no further than the Porsche 911 Carrera and the Ferrari 355. These vehicles are iconic and they’re available through corporate hospitality companies to enjoy on corporate and sports hospitality days.

If you’ve got a yen to feel just like your racing driver heroes then this is an opportunity too good to miss. Just the names Porsche and Ferrari scream quality, craftsmanship and racing prowess.

An ultra-light single seater shooter may be more to your tastes. This experience is available in the UK and across Europe through corporate hospitality and events companies.

Let the power of the car, the exquisite handling, the excellence of the circuit and the fact of just doing something electrifyingly good work their magic.

If all of these options seem too tidy and refined, then you and your guests are welcome to get exceedingly muddy on off road courses.

DTB’s corporate hospitality package uses the Defender which arguably cannot be beaten for off road abilities. With obstacles to negotiate and the vehicle to master this could make for an interesting team driving day out.

By the time you complete any of these driving days your everyday car will feel like driving a comfortable pair of slippers.