Hose Couplings: A Few Different Types

First of all let’s start by explaining what hose couplings are: A hose coupling is a connector which is located at the end of a hose in order to connect it to another hose or with a tap or hose appliance like an irrigation sprinkler. Coupling of this kinds are generally made of steel, brass, stainless, aluminium and plastic, however they do come in some other materials.

We are now going to look at some of the different hose coupling styles available:

(Threaded coupler types)

  • Garden hose thread
  • GFR
  • Ground joint – these are primarily used for compressed air or steam consisting of a stem, wing nut and spud
  • Holedall – these are internally swaged hose couplings and are commonly found on larger diameter fuel oil hoses in higher pressure applications here hoses are exposed to end pull
  • NH – national hose thread also known as national standard thread, this is most common type of fire hose coupling used in America
  • UNI – fire fittings that used in Italy and are available in several different sizes

(Non-threaded gendered coupler types)

  • Camlock – also called cam and groove
  • Perrot cardan coupling – quite similar to Bauer coupling
  • British instantaneous coupling – also known as the John Morris coupling
  • Hozelock – international standard plastic, click on style, push-fit hose end connector commonly used with garden hoses
  • Leverlock – a cam and lock-like couple that is used a lot in the agricultural industry
  • Machino – a Japanese quick connect and disconnect coupling used on fire hoses
  • Tankwagen flange couplings
  • Quick-connect garden hose couplings

(Non-threaded genderless coupler types)

  • Air King – a universal hose coupling which many people refer to as the ‘Chicago style’ fitting
  • Barcelona – a sexless coupling with three engaging lugs, available in a multitude of sizes
  • DSP – a French hose coupling used for a wide range of purposes and incredibly common, available in three sizes
  • European air coupling
  • Express Coupling – very similar in appearance to GEKA couplings
  • Forestry coupling – used the most by Canadian firefighters
  • GEKA steam hose coupling – a sexless quarter-turn bayonet hose coupler distinguished by the gasket profile which has a flat outer ring enclosing a domed middle section
  • GOST
  • Guillemin symmetrical clutch
  • Hoselink – the most popular in Australia
  • Nakajima
  • NOR:las
  • Nunan & Stove
  • ROTTA 3-Lugs
  • SFS
  • SMS 63 Form
  • Storz

(Flanged couplings)

  • Triclamp
  • ISC International shore connection