Hyundai is Recalling Vehicles from the United States

Hyundai is a South Korean firm that has been working hard to keep its position as a reliable car manufacturer. They have been around for quite some time and they have captured a decent slice of the American market.  

The problem is that Hyundai has failed to keep its word of producing vehicles without defect to the American market. We will let you know about the details of this issue in the coming paragraphs so you can have a greater understanding of the situation.  

Engine Fires

Hyundai has been recalling a wide array of vehicles from America in the past years. The NHTSA has been doing its job recalling many of the vehicles that Hyundai sells in the United States. Kia and Hyundai are recalling around half a million vehicles from the United States because of flaws that might also generate engine fires in these vehicles.  

The NHTSA has recalled these firms three times so they can get their defective cars back to South Korea. This American institution is afraid of the bad things that might take place if oil leaks are generated by these vehicles.  Tucson SUVs Hyundai has recalled around 152,000 Tucson SUVs that we sold in America from 2011 to 2013. Hundreds of vehicles from both Hyundai have been reported to cause engine fires. This put this firm under the scrutiny of the famous NHTSA.   

The important NHTSA has been looking into these vehicles for many years. Hyundai started to recall its vehicles since 2015 from the United States too. Congress will take measures with the firms that do not do something about the vehicles that they sell with defects to the American market.  

Hyundai has to present the American public the solution to this problem because they should do it if they want to stay in business in America.   

We have told you that Hyundai has been recalling some of its vehicles in the past years. They have not done the job when it comes to selling every vehicle, they make without a defect so that the buyers can have peace of mind. Repairs by mechanics for recall items should be avoided as is self-repair using a Hyundai repair manual, cars should be returned to the dealership solely for repair.

Hyundai has been working hard to produce high-quality vehicles, but they have been having issues regarding the quality of hundreds of thousands of them in the past years. They have to do something about this if they want to say in business for a long time too.

Most of the problems regarding defects in manufacturing come from the SUVs that they have produced in the past.