Introducing the Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover has long been held as the sturdiest of vehicles, also known to be equal parts luxury and function.  Indeed, this might explain why the Range Rover brand has been popular among celebrities, professional athletes, and civilians alike, to the point that the Range Rover is easily the Land Rover Company’s best-selling vehicle.

But it seems that as popular as the Range Rover is today, many people have asked Land Rover Company to upgrade the model with something even more special.  Thus, the Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations division came up with the new Range Rover Sentinel.

What is the Range Rover Sentinel?

Along the lines of other Troy Armoring armored suvs, the Sentinel offers several security features.  For one, this SUV comes with VR8 armor standard. This means, first of all, the car can easily withstand the most common ballistic threats. However, the vehicle’s shell can also withstand armor-piercing incendiary bullets as well as grenade blasts!  Finally, the Sentinel also features multi-laminated armored privacy glass as well as a tamper-proof exhaust system and even run-flat inserts installed on all four tires.


As a full-size SUV, the Range Rover Sentinel has been designed to take up to 7.62mm high velocity armor piercing incendiary bullets.  These are munitions which explode and burn in addition to piercing.  The armor also offers lateral protection of up to 15kg Trinitrotoluene (also known as TNT) as well as defense from DM51 grenade explosions.


If you own a protection vehicle, it is not always enough to simply withstand gunfire.  The getaway is also often important and that is why Sentinel is equipped with run flat tires.  Developed by the Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations, these specialty tires—fitted to 20-inch split rim alloy wheels—can allow the vehicle to continue road operation even with a flat tire (or several).


Whether you operate on deflated or properly inflated tires, the Range Rover Sentinel is powered by a 340PS 3.0-L V6 supercharged gasoline engine.  Your acceleration comes from a specially calibrated ZF 8-speed automatic transmission; and your stopping power comes from 380mm front and 365mm rear ventilated disc brakes with high-density brake pads. All in all this gives you options for casual city driving, off-road driving, or, of course, high-speed getaways, should you need it.