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if you are looking for car body parts that will enhance your car’s style statement, then choose wisely. There are various aftermarket products and accessories available to optimize our beloved trucks’ looks.

Guys love to make their trucks or pickups more attractive so they buy enhancing aftermarket accessories like big tires, bumpers, winches, grills, fenders flares etc.

But have you ever heard about car fenders? If not, then this article might help you because here we will discuss some important aspects of fenders. You can also visit Parts Avatar’s online portal where you can buy car fenders at cheap prices that too with warranties!


We often mistake fenders and quarter panels to be the same. But thats not it because there is a difference.

Fenders are the panels made up of sheet metal that you can see on side your vehicle, right by the door and around front and rear wheels of your car or truck. If you cant locate them, then look at something hanging out between doors and bumpers of your car.

Fenders not only add style to your car or truck but they also make sure it is safe from debris and mud. They are made as carefully as any other part of your vehicle. They also provide you safety from front end collisions.

Fender flares fully protect your tire from outside dirt. All in all they complete your hard work of making your truck a masterpiece of your creativity!

They play a vital role in determining the aerodynamics of your car. With the correct fenders along the wheel, the aerodynamics of the vehicle improves which improves speed, mileage and performance of your car.

So give your SUV or truck extra protection from road debris or collisions by installing fenders, fender flares, fender trim or fender skirts. You can give your car ride a smoother look with these aftermarket fenders.

But the alignment of fender on your pickup or SUV is very important. This is because if the fender has not been fit properly on the vehicle, then you won’t be able to pop up the hood or doors efficiently as you did before.

How to choose the right one?

There are various types of fenders available at our online catalogue. How will you choose one for your truck or SUV? Here are some tricks to find a good bumper for you. Have a look!

You do need to know how to find a good aftermarket fender replacement for your vehicle. With time like any other auto part, fenders get damaged because of heavy head on collisions. There are plenty of brands out there that speak about their part’s durability and capability of tolerating the impact of collision to the extreme, but the question arises what to choose?

First and foremost, you will have to do some research on this. Find a brand that has made reputation in producing quality aftermarket products especially fender, because that is the one we are talking about now! Actually, to be simple, if a brand is renowned for producing great range of products, you can give it a go and trust them though its not a rule. This is because, there are several defective parts produced by every company so, its just thing of research.

If you are still double minded about your research on aftermarket fender, then why not go with a fender that has been made according to your SUV or Truck’s make and model.

In this way you can avoid all the hassle of finding right part that will fit with your vehicle properly. This would also be quite affordable as it wont take much labour cost like other fenders and would be quite reliable.

Next tip is to find a fender that matches with your vehicle’s finish. Don’t go for a mismatch just because you are getting a cheap fender with nothing that matches with your pickup or SUV.

Last but not the least; make sure you have warranty provided with the fender whenever you purchase it from either a physical shop or any online auto parts store. Warranty actually protects your consumer rights because you never know when that particular auto product starts malfunctioning.

All fender flares arrive from the factory unpainted. So, its purely your choice to paint them or not. You can paint the flares in order to match the looks of your car but make sure to follow owner manual instructions and use right paint and adhesive as specified in it.

If the size of the fender flare does not concern you or you just want to stick it to the tires of your vehicle, then do prefer OEM flares.

Its easy to install a fender flare. Sometimes they are so easy that all you have to do is to fir them with screws on the holes present on it. Still want to give it a try yourself?

Installing a fender

Unbolt the bumper from your car so you can uninstall stock fender and keep all the hardware that you have discarded.

By using pliers disconnect the headlights. If you already have holes on the side of your truck or car for fenders, then you are lucky because you don’t have to drill a hole.

If not, then mark the position of core support bolts on fender by placing it on the side of car. Make hole at the marked spots of fender. Bolt the fender on the side and properly adjust it in such a way that it doesn’t come in way of opening and closing of the door.

Also check if the car hood is opening easily. Now install the headlights back to their position and tighten the core support bolts using ratchet.

Voila, your job is done!

See in this way, you can adjust and fit the fender on other side too.

To find out more about getting the best possible aftermarket auto part for your make and model, delivered straight to your door, speak to one of the PartsAvatar Auto Parts expert who is here to advise you on everything you need.

So, order your car parts today!