Cheapest Ways to Clean your Car Like a Pro

Most people find cleaning a chore, except when it comes to their car. It’s no mystery why however. A detailed cleaning and waxing on even the oldest vehicle pay big dividends. It’s incredible how easy it is to restore a car’s interior and exterior to new like condition with the right products and a little bit of elbow grease. Initially, you will need to lay out a few dollars (about as much or maybe a little bit more than one car wash would cost). But, the supplies you buy up front will last a long, long time.

On the exterior, don’t use any homemade concoctions posted on the internet. Car wash detergents are explicitly made to be gentle on a vehicle’s finish and usually cost only pennies per wash. Wash mitts work best for cleaning the painted finishes and windows. They give you a feel and also allow you to put more pressure on hard to remove dirt, bugs, and tar. It’s also easier to scoop suds out of the wash bucket with a mitt. Dry with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dirt and bring up the car’s finish. Give the glass a good scrub with a window polish, every third wash, and use no-name glass cleaner other times. A squeegee also comes in handy. Use a soft bristle brush for the wheels and plastic trim and spray-on cleaner for the wheels.

Nothing works like Armour All on a car’s interior. It cleans and protects modern plastics like no other product. Automotive carpet cleaners work surprisingly well, especially when combined with a soft brush and a good vacuum. Most carpet cleaners will also handle cloth seats, as well. For leather trim and seats, base your purchase on price as most offer a similar level of cleaning power and protection. Also, be sure to buy a detailing brush. They’re made specially to help you get the crud out hard to reach nooks and crannies that manufacturers seem to place in every corner of the car.

At Auction Direct USA, every vehicle we sell comes cleaned, detailed, and ready to go. Keeping it like new, that’s up to you.