How Auto Shop Software by Tekmetric Works for Your Business

If you’ve been in charge of running an auto body shop, you know how difficult it can be to keep things organized, appointments on schedule and payments made without the proper software. Thankfully, a brand new auto shop software was just released by Tekmetric that is changing the way that shop owners and managers are running their companies. This program effectively works for all sizes of shops and any number of customers that you might have.

What is the Program?

The Tekmetric auto shop software program is designed to help you run your business more efficiently. It essentially has every aspect of your shop in one helpful and effortless-to-use program, which makes it quick to gain access to client accounts, appointments, work orders and even inventory stock and ordering. The program is designed to be installed on one main computer, but is then workable in the cloud. This gives your technicians full access to the program even if they are using their own laptop or device.

What Can It Do?

The program has a number of features that can benefit your shop. Understanding all of these benefits and knowing what the program features is going to give you the opportunity to give it a try yourself and see just how easy it is to use. Some of the key features that this auto shop software has includes:

  • Tracking of appointments
  • Tracking of inventory, stock and one-click ordering
  • Instant quotes and estimates for customers
  • Payroll for your employees
  • Profitability scale per week, month and year
  • Work orders for technicians
  • Scheduling for technicians and time clock

The Tekmetric Software

Tekmetric designed this software to make it effortless for all types of shops to finally have full access to their businesses. In the past, you might have had to use paper filing and internet research to get quotes and gain access to customer information. Plus, you might have had to deal with paper billing that got lost in the mail and was never received by customers. Now, the Tekmetric software program makes it easier than ever for you to successfully manage and operate the shop in the most organized way possible. There is no reason to use any other program than the one that Tekmetric has available because of all of the high-end features that it contains. Tekmetric is constantly making changes to their system and upgrading certain specs, which makes it an even better option for your business.

Using the Program and Integrating It in the Shop

In order for the program to work well, it needs to be integrated into your shop. Once it has been installed onto your computer, you can release it into the cloud where it can be accessed by anyone who has the username and password given to them. The program is also highly secured, which means that no one other than your shop technicians will have access to your personal and financial information. You can download a free demo on the Tekmetric website to use and see if it is going to be the perfect fit for your company.

While there are many shop management programs out there, there is no auto shop software quite like the one that Tekmetric has designed. Not only is this program relatively new with all of the featured specs that shop owners want, but it is also affordable and easy on just about any budget. The one-time fee to download the Tekmetric program also cuts costs over time because you’re not paying for something that has a monthly or annual subscription to it.