Style, Luxury and security clubbed together

There are only few vehicles in the world with which people find their status enhanced by buying the vehicle. They believe that their status has been elevated in the society and their friends and family members start believing that  he must be having illicit source of funding which has provided him money to live such luxurious life style. Limousines are one of such brand which influential people of the society lineup to buy.

Vehicle with its own class

The buying of the brands is considered to be like adding one more feather in the cap. There are people in the society which face death threats for various reasons but still have to move on in the society and to different places to fulfill the social obligations of the society. If you are one of such people then you can go to Inkas Limo & Coach Builders to transform a Limo into armored vehicle which could withstand the burst of bullets and still having no scratches on the body.

Armored vehicle to ensure your safety along with luxury

The vehicle comes with unique features which is hard to find in the original version of the Limos. These features are the sheer hard work along with brilliant contribution of the technical team of the organization. These people are passionate to deliver each vehicle with the best of their excellence and expertise. Each vehicle tells the story of the excellence of their craftsman. The features which could be evident are as follows:

  • These vehicles provide protection against 7.62mm ammunition and many more ammunition making the vehicle a small fortress of luxury providing high quality of safety to the occupant of the vehicle.
  • All the supplies used in the conversion of the vehicle into armored vehicle are tested for their quality and no substandard product is used.
  • The base sheet is tough enough to with stand the thrust of the grenades, thus making the vehicle a real moving fort.

Why choose the specific coach builders?

It is often found that all the armored vehicles are sluggish in their performance and they are accepted in performing slow in various features assigned by the parent company. It is accepted that you have to pay the cost of security and moving in the armored vehicle by being deprived from some basic features of the Limos. This is not the case with the vehicle converted by the professionals.