Tips to Keep Your Car Running During the Winter Season in Houston

Keep Your Car Functioning Even in Extreme Cold

As a car owner, nothing is worse than having your vehicle get a breakdown in the middle of the road on a cold day during the winter season. Preparing your car to protect it from the damaging effects of extreme cold and making sure it will work successfully in these frigid months will lessen the headaches that come with unforeseen expenses spent on automotive repairs.

Here are some tips to keep your car operational during the chilly weather:

  1. Be proactive and get your car serviced before the winter season starts.

You can do the inspection on your own, but it is best to have it checked by your friendly auto mechanic houston and let him do a general check up on your vehicle. Engine, battery, tires, oils and fluids, brakes, and even the tiniest details like minute cracks on the windshield should be addressed.

  1.  Thoroughly wax your car.

A meticulous layer of wax provides an added protection to your car from road salt and snow and can help you quickly remove snow that has accumulated on top of your vehicle since it will easily slide off when you scrape them off your car.

  1.  Keep your car warm by all means.

Having your garage heated, attaching your car engine to a block heater, or investing in a quality car cover and a car jacket can help avoid difficulties when starting your car in the morning.

  1. Lights and windshield wipers

Visibility is of utmost importance during a blizzard or snowfall, so make sure that your lights are working, lenses are clean, and invest in a good pair of windshield wipers plus good quality windshield wiper fluid. Heated wiper blades can cost a hefty price, but it gives the convenience of not having to get out of the car every so often to de-ice.

  1. Consider having a portable jump starter.

Although jump starting is your best option against the onslaught of a dead battery, make sure to read the owner’s manual first to check whether there are special considerations for your car when doing this process. Having a portable jump starter gives you the advantage of not relying on strangers to lend their car to you to use as a host vehicle.

  1. Have a winter weather emergency kit.

Business Insider advises of 12 items you should keep in your car at all times during winter:

    Packable shovel
    Snow and ice scraper
    Jumper cables
    Gas can
    An external battery
    A good spare tire (or consider purchasing a new set of tires)
    Air compressor
    A first-aid kit
    A basic toolkit
    Cat litter (provides traction if spread underneath the tires in case your car gets stuck in the  snow)
    A warm blanket (to keep yourself warm in case you get stranded)
    Add some food bars, bottled water, and flares to the list.

  1. Keep a can of WD40 Spray Lubricant handy.

The lubricant can help prevent door locks and seals from freezing overnight as well as serve as an immediate remedy in case the door locks have already frozen.    

It is always best to have your car periodically checked to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape and avoid the hassle and nuisance of car repairs and getting stranded.


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