What You Don’t Know About Cars

You like analogies? This is a great one. Your body is a lot like your car. The both have a system that computes and they both have mechanical functions. Granted, your body has bio-mechanical functions, while your car has regular mechanical functions. I found a very interesting short article about this¬†here. A big difference here, however, is that you can sometimes pick your car, but you can’t pick your body. Well, maybe. Maybe after we die, we get to pick what body we use next. If you want a pre-owned vehicle in Ohio, you can type “pre owned fords for sale cincinnati oh” on the search bar and get many results. The same thing does not apply when you want a new body, though.

They Do the Parking for You

This mostly applies to the newer vehicles with the self-parking option. There’s many videos out on the internet on how they are now capable of doing the parking for you, even parallel parking! That’s insane. This doesn’t even include the self driving cars that are out now. Some cars do not come with this capability pre-installed, but you can most definitely pay a little extra for it if your parallel parking abilities are subpar.

They Connect to The Internet

I am not talking about satellite radio. I mean they can give you access to the internet. Talk about a mobile hot spot! Some of these vehicles can even get service where your cell phone can’t. That can come in handy for sure. Especially if you are a traveling business person that is on the computer most of the time. You can pull out your laptop and start working right from your vehicle. That’s convenience. Very nifty extra to have when considering your next purchase.

Let Help You See in The Dark

With recent developments in technology, car manufacturers have been able to incorporate heat sensing into the modern car. However, these technologies are mostly only available on the more luxurious brands of vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. Nonetheless, it is a most impressive feat of modern engineering. This is a highly beneficial tool to have in your car while driving at night and can help reduce some night driving anxiety. The heat sensing capabilities will allow you to determine when there is another person or animal in your area, possibly saving you from an accident.

The Can Cook Your Food

This is something not widely known or popular because of the silliness of the idea. But yes, you can cook a mean using your cars’ engine. This has been around quite some time and it is most likely due to a deficiency in resources and quick thinking by hungry people. You can even find more information on this on an actual Wikipedia page¬†here. Good to know in case you prefer to cook your own meals while you’re away from any kitchen or restaurant. Better get started on those adventures.